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Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Director

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Music Composition

From relaying emotions to increasing the memorability, music can have a huge effect on your project. With experience in an ever growing list of genres I am able to create the right and most effective music for each setting and scene.

Sound Design

Sound effects and ambiance can enliven your project and effectively pull the player or viewer into your world. Equipped with my field recorder, a grand collection of sound libraries, synthesizers and effects I can bring your project to life.

Voice Over Editing

While sound design brings your world to life, voice over brings your characters to life. Balancing the volume of each voice line and improving their quality are essential for a convincing performance.

Audio Direction

Quality control, consistency, scouting and instruction of audio personnel and asset list creation are all vital parts of an audio director’s job. I can use my years of experience of working with audio to help realize your project’s audio direction and make it the best it can be.

About Me

My name is Tim Reichert and I’ve been a composer, sound designer and audio director for various project over the past ten years.

My specialities are creating deep atmospheres, evoking powerful emotions, and creating memorable melodies – the latter is extremely important to me, hence why I’m such a huge fan of Joe Hisaishi and Revo; both create unforgettable pieces that stay in your head long after you finish the movie or game in question. I especially enjoy creating melancholic and dark pieces, as you might have noticed from the placement of the “Melancholic and Dramatic” and “Mysterious and Dark” categories on my demo reel.

Another strength of mine is that, as a musicologist, I have a firm grasp on a broad array of musical areas, including music theory, history and ethnology. As such I am able to easily and reliably research and create authentic music fit to any setting. My areas of expertise are especially ludomusicology (theoretical concepts of video game music) and Russian music.

Portfolio and Credentials



Netghost is a Crime Drama visual novel with a mystery-driven story full of intrigue, twists and turns. The story follows Ian Newfield, a reputable cyber security engineer who transforms into a cold-blooded criminal in his struggle to protect the company he works for and provide aid to his ailing, bedridden sister.

Taking inspiration from both Japanese and Western media, we strived to combine the best of both worlds in the creation of Netghost and also lay a foundation for its own identity. It offers a branching storyline with several paths and endings and the ability for the player to change the course of the story by using the in-game email feature.

Alone Together

(Audio Director, Additional Sound Design)

Alone Together is an upcoming animated series created by HorrorFreak (a.k.a Micah Felix).

The story revolves around a hot-headed vampire named Emma and her twin sister Anna who is a hybrid cross between a vampire and a human who got stuck in a dome due to a mysterious magic. Alongside their new friends, Kenny and Max, they must find a way to discover who’s causing the dome and stop it before anything bad happens.

Human Reignition Project

(Composer, Sound Designer)

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The game’s set in Japan, in the relatively near future. Still this century, but a couple decades from now. Advancements in fields like robotics have made a lot of jobs redundant, and nearly omnipresent devices like smartphones have the done the same for face-to-face conversation. HRP as a game examines the impact that technologies like these have on our lives and relationships. Within the story, the Human Reignition Project is a small group formed by one old lecturer; a relic of a more personal generation. He’d like to see things go back closer to the way they were.


(Audio Director, Composer, Sound Designer)

“They really exist. Creatures that crawl out of the Shadow World into our world to feast on humans. We are an inexhaus-tible food source for them.”
After Argo’s sister is kidnapped by a monster after an ill-considered adventure into the forest, he embarks on a quest to save her.

But Argo is still a child and as such his powers are limited. Until he meets Alminnan, a creature that offers Argo its powers if he allows it to possess Argo. Can Argo trust Alminnan? And what monstrosities will Argo encounter on his horror filled journey?

LoveSick Darlings


LoveSick Darlings is a visual novel focused on creating and testing the limits of teenage relationships. It explores friendship, high school life, love, and everything in between. The game plays with tropes and expectations found in romance visual novels and dating sims by undercutting this often-romanticized period of everyone’s lives with a realistic edge.

Syd, our protagonist, moved into town at the start of this year. He’s become best friends with a girl called Maisy who lives on the same street with him – and by extension, her friends too. Over time he has become a natural part of a diverse group of friends. The school year is growing closer to its end, and Syd’s friends are pressuring him into asking his crush out to the formal at the end of the year. Will he be able to do it? How will his friendships hold up around him as he makes these big decisions towards the end of this high school year? And what if someone in his own group of friends sees him as more than… “just a friend”? How will your relationships hold out once the truth of people’s feelings are out? It’s up to you to deal with these situations as Syd to decide the fate of him and all of his friends.


(Game Director, Composer, Sound Designer)

Mycorrhiza is a love letter to horror manga in the form of a visual novel. Some of our biggest inspirations include the works of Junji Ito and Masaaki Nakayama.

While the protagonist is trying to find a way back home, reality distorts and people’s morals start shifting in cruel and unexpected ways. A strange plant transforming animals, a strange comedy trend and a strange building trapping people. Each of the three arcs explores different terrors.

The game features a manga aesthetic (with CGs drawn by a manga artist), as well as a higher focus on dynamic audio.

In Blood

(Audio Director, Sound Designer)

In Blood is a gothic romance and lovecraftian horror visual novel with a branching narrative that comments on toxic relationships and what it means to lose yourself.

After a night of drinking Eleadora “Ellie” takes a shortcut home through the woods. She’s angry, frustrated, and sad. At the crossroads she trips and cuts her hand on some broken glass. While looking over her wounds she mutters a wish out loud that calls upon an ancient and forgotten force that changes her life forever.

She wakes up in an unknown room, in an unknown house, on an unknown plane of existence. Surrounded by horrors and death she must attempt to find an ally among the other occupants of the house. It’s clear they don’t have her best interests in mind, and trusting them could be deadly.

Caladria Chronicles

(Composer, Sound Designer)

Caladria is a futuristic planet with five countries: Dreilune, Tamarin, Nephrine, Werethia and Caeldori. Each country has its own individual features, some were inspired by Earth as time went on. Nerisu Himenomiya, the princess of Dreilune, lives her everyday life with her childhood friends as she attends high school. Sooner or later, her childhood friends, the Otori twins, get kidnapped and it turns out Nephrine has plans that involve the whole world…

Chicken Hero

(Audio Director, Composer, Sound Designer)

In Chicken Hero you’re training your chicken, fostering it and fighting against monsters. There are numerous ways in which your chicken can evolve and thanks to the roguelike mechanics you can always let your chicken take another path without having to start over. Your goal is to raise the strongest possible monster and prove to everyone that a chicken can become way stronger with the help of persistent training than any monster!

NUMEROUS EVOLUTIONS: Depending on how you train your chicken it can take various forms, each of them with their own abilities!

ROGUELIKE-SYSTEM: Thanks to the roguelike system you can let your chicken try new paths and enhance it by expanding your skill tree with the points that you get for permanent upgrades.

TONS OF EQUIPMENT AND COMPANIONS: Augment your chicken with the many forgeable hats and the companions, which can either help you during fights or in the looting sessions.

Cautionary Tale

(Composer, Sound Designer)

The three tales, each unique in their own right:

Beyond Yesterday’s Grasp
“When she is given a full scholarship to a prestigious boarding school, Alex Kartha feels hopeful for the first time since the accident that killed her parents and took her forearm. However, she soon realizes that old challenges cannot be easily ignored. Will you solve the mystery of Artemis Hall? Or will you turn away from your duty and value your life?”

Let Go.
“Today is like any other Winter day. Snow’s on the ground, there’s a chill in the air, and Eli is about to confess to his childhood friend. Terrified of rejection, he practices his lines underneath a tree in the city, preparing for whatever may come. There’s nothing to be afraid of – he’s known her forever, right? But unbeknownst to him, something feels off… Hasn’t he done this before?”

If in Your Dreams; the Flood
“The Flood. That’s all Ophelia can think about. Ever since she was a young child she dreamed of the water, slowly making its way, higher and higher. Now she’s about to turn eighteen, and the flood will soon overtake her. In a desperate attempt to avoid her fate, she stays awake throughout the night, wandering the late Seattle cityscape. It’s there that she meets an unfamiliar friend.”

Other Projects

I’ve also worked on numerous other projects. These include:

  • Original albums (Dreams, Hope and Despair).

  • Audio Packs (most notably Visual Novel Audio Pack Vol 1 and Visual Novel Audio Pack Vol 2).

  • Composed for the yearly “Reformationsmusik” event of the brass choir Balingen-Heselwangen.

  • Performed original pieces at concerts like “Träumereien” or at events like “Lesenacht” (a book reading by a group of different published authors).

  • Made game jam games as co-lead of the game dev team RocRac.

  • And more!

Skills and Education


  • Bachelor in musicology at the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen.
  • Successful graduation from AudioCation’s Game Sound Design course.
  • Abitur (higher education entrance qualification) with an award for outstanding achievements in music.
  • Successful completion of the course “Radio Machen (English: Making Radio).
  • Successful completion of the course “Sounddesign für Radio- und Audiojournalismus” (English: Sound Design for Radio and Audio Journalism).
  • Successful completion of the course “Sound Engineering”.


  • Internship at David Klavins’ “Klavier-Klinik”, the piano builder behind “The Giant” (Klavins Piano Model 370i) and the Una Corda.
  • Internship at “jam Club”, an independent music school.
  • Guest contracted as director assistant for the chamber opera “Im Thurm” at the Landestheater Tübingen.


  • Experience in the use of audio middleware FMOD and Wwise.
  • Experience in the use of common DAWs (Cubase being the primary one, FLStudio and Ableton being the secondary and tertiary ones).
  • Experience in collaborating with solo instrumentalists and vocalists (including – but not limited to – rappers, growlers, male and female singers, trumpeters, violinists, french horn players etc.), as well as ensembles.


  • Voluntary member of a brass choir for over 10 years (concerts, serenades for the elderly and at wedding anniversaries, accompaniment to funerals).
  • Former member of a school big band.
  • Independent planning and performance of an original musical theater called “Die Suche nach dem Jam” (English: “The hunt for the jam”) with a colleague.
  • Presented multiple times at the Visual Conference.


Feel free to contact me if you would like to work with me or if you have any questions!