Hi! My name is Tim Reichert and I’m a composer, primarily for video games.
I have been working with developers to score music for their games since over half a decade.


Why did I become a composer?

Growing up I was fascinated by how much music can enhance the experience of a video game or a movie. It would amplify the emotional value of the scenes and make them more memorable. That's exactly what I want to achieve with my music.  I see the pieces as individuals and that's why I put so much effort into every single one of them. In the end it is the urge to create atmospheres and emotions that makes me want to compose music. And that is why I became a composer.

But why for video games?

I have grown up playing video games since I got a GameBoy Color as a present at the age of four. It was just amazing to me how the music in these games made the environments seem more lively and memorable. I can still, and I’m definitely not the only one, hum most of the melodies from Pokémon Blue, my very first game, by heart. I've experienced adventures, made friends and lost them and saw new things in video games. And I want to give others the chance to experience all of this as well by doing my part and composing the perfect pieces for all kinds of video games.

My music

Since I love every musical genre and because I always try out new things when composing privately I am able to compose in different musical stiles like Jazz, Electro, Metal, Chiptune, Orchestral, Ambient, you name it. That means that I can compose for all kinds of situations like sad scenes, fighting scenes, creepy scenes and so on. And as mentioned above, the emotional value and memorability of my pieces are usually my top priority. While being able to compose I can also do remixes and arrangements. Sheet music is usually not required because I am capable of playing pieces by ear.

Who influenced me?

Here are some musicians who influenced my music. You may be able to picture my style if you listen to them.


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