Fulminis-ictus 04 Dec , 2016

Music Demo Reel

The sound file "Demo Reel" consists of small segments of all the pieces included in this Demo Reel so you don't have to skim through everything yourself. They appear in the order according to the numbering; this way, you can listen to the whole piece if one of them catches your interest.

You can also download the Music Demo Reel as a .rar file over here.

Audio Design Demo Reel

This demo consists of short jingles and sound effects - some recorded and some artificially created.


  1. Battle Transition
  2. Confirmation
  3. Error
  4. Piano Jingle
  5. Swell Piano
  6. Foley Comical Running Away
  7. Vibraslap
  8. Old School/Retro Wave Ambiance
  9. Glitch Hit
  10. Charging Glitch
  11. Horror Piano Scrape