Audiocation / Degree

Tim Reichert

has, within the three months duration of study, achieved fundamental knowledge and skills in the area of Game Sound Design and has successfully participated in the course.

With the gained musical capabilities, the application of goal-driven creativity and the technical and electronic implementation, the exit exam in

Game Sound Design

has been successfully passed.

Extensive knowledge in the following areas were acquired:

  • Fundamentals of organology
  • Creating tracks with different moods
  • Working with sample libraries
  • Work methods, techniques, and workflow
  • Introduction to film music
  • Scoring video sequences
  • Composition of in-game music
  • Layered tracks
  • Working with useful hardware
  • Introduction to harmony
  • Foley, FX, and creation of complex sounds.
  • Creation of atmospheres.
  • Using different composition methods.
  • Using composition software.

Practical tasks and exercises, their practically relevant continuation and a professional final project were important components of this extensive online study.