Here you can download over 80 pieces for use in your own projects!

You may use the pieces under the following licence:
That means that you may edit them but you have to share them under the same licence. You also need to credit me as composer (Tim Reichert) and you can't use them commercially (an exception is if you've bought the corresponding licences, more info regarding that is below). These terms differ from the ones of the patreon packs, so you'll have to read the ReadMe's of those.

A lot of these pieces were made to fit the looping system of the RPG Maker, which is why many of them are OGGs. These looping capabilities can be lost if you convert them or delete the metadata.

To save my honor I have to remark that most of the pieces are around 5 years old, which is why the quality is less compared to my current works. 
Let me know when you release a game with my music in it, I'd love to play it!

Here are the general pieces: (Download ZIP 1; Download ZIP 2)

Here are the pieces that I've composed for the ReStaff release of the, now unfortunately dead, German RPG Maker VX forum: (Download ZIP)

And here are the pieces that I've composed for the Summoner of Sounds Challenge that was held on the RPG Maker Network: (Download ZIP)

Other than that I also upload packs on my patreon from time to time (some available for free and some for patrons only):

Buy Licences

If you want to use these pieces for commercial projects (meaning if you want to sell your game/movie later down the road), you'll have to purchase a licence. Here is how it works:

  1. The licence for every piece that you can download on this site costs 4$ each
  2. If you want to buy licences of pieces from the patreon packs then you'll have to ask for their individual prices (meaning you can write me an E-Mail to with the names of the patreon pieces and I'll name their prices. I'm doing that since their prices will change over time and are dependent on their individual length)
  3. Send the respective amount through PayPal and write your E-Mail address and the names of the pieces that you want to buy in the PayPal message (my PayPal address is
  4. I'll send you a confirmation E-Mail with a short ID (that you should preferably save). This ID is something like a customer ID so I can identify you and know what pieces you've bought and are allowed to use in your Projects

If you've bought the licence of a piece once already you can use it as often and as in many projects as you want without having to buy another licence for that same piece!